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Reviews and Recommendations

Reviews of Technology House Call:

Right on, Technology House Call! I’m a consultant and I rely heavily on my home network (including Mac laptop, iPhone, and network printer, plus service bureaus).

When the dreaded hard drive death hit me and I hadn’t backed up in, oh, ages, Greg saved all my data, painstakingly jotting down each file down so I could review lists to make sure nothing was lost in a data transfer. Then of course he set up a back-up system.

I had a terrible internet connection from my office. First we tried boosting the signal and then Greg hit upon networking through my home’s electrical system, which was an inexpensive fix and is working like a charm.

He also helped research and switch my telecom and DSL providers, saving me money each month.

Greg’s knowledge of multiple platforms helps me interface with clients who are PC based. He is particularly strong at coming up with the simplest solution. And, when he doesn’t know the answer, he says so and proceeds to find it out. I feel like I can trust him with my business.

Whether he is advising on hardware purchases or software upgrades, or troubleshooting connectivity issues, I count on Greg at Technology House Call to keep my home-based business running.

-Nicole G. -Owner – Nicole Geiger Publishing

Recommendations for Greg Laddish:

Greg helped me transition my out-of-date IT system into a modern, effective system that helps me run my solo practice with great results. He understood what I needed and delivered, and he was easy to communicate and work with. I highly recommend him!

- Kimberley S. -Owner – FamilyWise Estate Planning

Greg was a pleasure to work with at Echo: he’s diligent, resourceful and persistent, and he’s old-school enough to have seen and solved the kind of problems that make his experience valuable in unfamiliar environments where the ability to think on your feet is an essential attribute. All of that wouldn’t matter one bit if he were unreliable, but Greg’s integrity and consistency always made working with him a pleasure.

-Ken G.  -Principle Systems Architect – Echo Technology Solutions

Greg helped us at a critical junction at our company. He took over several functions and filled the gaps flawlessly.
Greg managed to jump into unchartered territory and figure out how to replace wheels on a car at 50 miles per hour.
Thank you Greg!

Sejo J. Owner – Echo Technology Solutions